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Between them our mentors can offer mentoring on:

  • Music Business

  • Marketing & Promotion

  • Social Media

  • PR & How to act in the public eye

  • Performance skills & onstage presence

  • Legal Advice

Taster Mentoring Session (£25)*

Got a burning question? Unsure about which package is right for you? Have a taste of Chase The Tag! One of our industry professionals will provide you with a one-on-one 30-minute session for £25.


*Available as a one-off introductory offer for new clients.

Single Mentoring Session (£100)

Need us a little longer? Book a single Mentoring Session for £100 for an hour.  

Mentoring Packages

We offer discount for bulk bookings! Here's how it works:


  • 5 Mentoring Sessions - £375 (£75 per hour)

  • 10 Mentoring Sessions - £500 (£50 per hour)


These sessions can be taken as and when you would like, but must be booked and used within twelve months of purchase.


Artist Development Packages

Bronze: Basic Artist Development & DNA - £200

Get the help you need to develop as an artist, understand your artist DNA, and learn how you can best proceed from where you currently stand into the next phase of your career. This includes:


  • Remote Evaluation of Artist

(Remote Evaluation is when we review all of your assets in order to have an understanding of your music and where you are at. This process will take us up to one week to complete.)

  • 2 Hours of Mentoring

  • Full Feedback Document

Silver: Artist Development and Business Mentoring - £600*

Planning a release or some live shows? We can help with that too! Grow as an artist, get the tools to run a successful campaign and develop your fanbase. With this package you will receive:


  • 1-Hour Consultation: Let's sit down and discuss your music, review your assets, and talk about what YOU want from the campaign.

  • 2-Hour Artist DNA Workshop: In the music industry today, being true to who you are as an artist is more important than ever. Let us work with you to create your backstory and build on it.

  • 2-Hour Performance Workshop: Our mentors can also help you improve your performance skills! Play us your songs and receive constructive and experienced advice that will maximise the impact of your performance and increase audience engagement.

  • Marketing Timeline and Strategy Document: Learn the basics of a killer marketing campaign.

  • 3 x One-Hour Mentoring Sessions (one per month)

  • Social Media Campaign Strategy:  Social media is fundamental to any successful marketing campaign. Learn how to create a content plan using established marketing principles and the latest techniques used in the music industry to make the most out of your campaign. We will also show you how to monitor your own KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) so that you will be able to reflect on your social media performance.


* plus any rehearsal studio costs and travel costs. All workshops to be concluded within 3 months.

Gold: Professional Artist Package - £1500*

Launching a single? Then this package is for you.

In addition to the services of the Silver package, we will plan and implement your marketing campaign for you and provide other services to successfully promote your release. This includes:


  • All the services included in the Silver package

  • 2-Hour Social Media Workshop: Learn how to optimise posts and use social media effectively in order to increase engagement.

  • Monitor & Report your KPI’s and Online Engagement

  • Touring Services: Let us book shows for you to support your campaign!

  • 2 x Mentoring Sessions Per Month (for three months)

  • Blog Servicing, to service your song for consideration for online press coverage and blog reviews. This will work towards boosting traffic to your website and Social Networking pages, in order to assist email sign-up and fan engagement.

  • Playlist Pitching: Today playlists are incredibly important to being discovered as an artist. Here at Chase The Tag we have a database of key playlists curators that we will send your music to in order to try and get your track onto their playlists.

* plus any rehearsal studio costs and travel costs. All workshops to be concluded within 3 months.

Diamond: Full Album Release Package - Budget Dependent


Launch your album (3 single and an album campaign) with Chase The Tag!

This package is budget dependent so please get in contact to discuss how we can help. You will receive the following:

  • All the services included in the Gold package

  • Mentoring sessions on demand

  • Full Label Services: Chase The Tag has its own label, which means that we can facilitate the release of your album, provide full marketing services to promote your work and collect all income for you.



Social Media Packages


Social Media Planning*  - £500

Implement your own social media campaign.

Tell us what you want to do and we will review your assets and help you create a social media content plan along with the tools to implement it successfully. 


Social Media Campaign Running* - £500 Per Month**

Let us plan, implement and monitor your social media campaign for you. Using SMART objectives and KPI’s, we will monitor your campaign and give you monthly updates on how you are doing.

  • Post Boosting

  • Full Social Media Content plans

  • Targeting

  • Full monitoring and KPI monitoring - monthly updates

  • Branding & Content

  • Page Optimisation

  • Advertisement Campaign (subject to separate budget)

  • Budget Optimisation


*Blog Servicing included, to submit your song for consideration for online press coverage and blog reviews. This will work towards boosting traffic to your website and Social Networking pages, in order to assist email sign-up and fan engagement.

**Campaigns typically run for three months. If you are looking for a longer campaign, get in touch with us!


We also offer:

  • Marketing and Promotion Consultancy

  • Content Creation

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Touring Services

However, we operate on a case-to-case basis for these services. To get a quote, please get in touch


  • Get Signed


  • Get Playlisted


  • Online Strategy


If you can't find what you are looking for, or if you have any questions, get in touch! 

Talk to someone today about finding the perfect formula to suit your needs. 

+44 7870 218707

Opening Hours:


Monday: 9am - 6pm 
Tuesday: 9am - 10pm 
Wednesday: 9am - 6pm 
Thursday: 9am - 6pm 
Friday: 9am - 6pm 
Saturday & Sunday: Closed


  • Get Signed


  • Get Playlisted


  • Online Strategy

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